About Mark F. Weinstein

“Habitually Great” series author Mark Weinstein strives for excellence in all aspects of his life. Founding a firm by the same name, Mark has specialized in personal development and organizational greatness using his skills as a keynote speaker. He has also spent several years developing leadership events, coaching programs, and training initiatives with the focus of improving peoples live both professionally and personally. Mr. Weinstein stresses an organizational life style full of hard work and personal growth through using positive language and treating others as equals.

The esteemed Dr. Stephen R. Covey has endorsed the awarded book series, and since it was first published the message has been received by thousands of people. “Habitually Great” was one of a few Finalist for the Indie Book Award’s Motivational category. Since Mark first started writing, Mark has been a guest on several talk show programs and was a featured writer in the leadership publication “Leader to Leader,” an award winning industry journal.

Mr. Weinstein has studied contemporary thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Jim Collins, Dr. Stephen Covey, and many others. Using his research Mark developed the Peak Life Habits Method which is the cornerstone of his book series, and his personal philosophy on how to take control of your life. He has had success in the web 1.0 industry, and has constantly looked for problems that can be solved. This led him to discover that privacy in the modern world is dead by the means of data tracking for the purpose of advertising via social networks.

Mark F. Weinstein currently serves as founder and CEO of Sgrouples, a private online social network. Mark along with his business partner Jonathan Wolfe had a vision of an online community that was completely private to advertisers and platform its self; this means: no facial recognition software, no data scrapping, no tracking pixels, and no cookie files. Scgrouples.com aims high to be the first Social Platform to have secure information for its users, and hold to the integrity of the Privacy Bill of Rights developed by Mr. Weinstein and Mr. Wolfe. Mark can be contacted at mark@sgrouples.com , please visit http://www.sgrouples.com for more information.


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